Scientists and Pleasure at All Seasons

Whether it's snow drift, show snow, prop snow or frost effects, we have everything to choose from. Our snow making experience is rich, extremely like true, bring you amazing magic experience.

Glice Orient Snow

Show Snow/Snow Drift

  • Environment & Safety
  • True feelings
  • 100% recycled
  • biodegradable

Prop Snow

  • Remarkable effect
  • Extremely realistic
  • Safety & Reliable
  • Recyclable


Orient Snow for customers to achieve snow in four seasons

Ice Ash

Hard grey and white Ice ash used for ice and snow arrangement, indistinguishable from Arctic ice and snow.


Colorless, solid and transparent resin icicles are extremely realistic and can be perfectly paired with winter scenes.

Spray Snow

Excellent quality spray type snowflake, can create a wonderful thick frost, snow effect.


Artificial snowballs, safe to throw, weighing 20 grams each, ideal for children or indoor snowball fights.