Emersed with Talent

Technical Team

ThemeMax has access to a large reserve of overseas staff and technical support from its parent company, Hexagon Tower, which enables us to stay ahead of the latest technological advancement from overseas.

ThemeMax also employs a strong team of foreign and local professionals, specializing in every aspect of our chosen industry to better serve our customers. Our talent pool allows us to communicate and execute high profile projects effectively for both domestic and overseas markets.

Design Capacity

ThemeMax has a highly skilled and experienced BIM (Building Information Model) design team to serve our customers.

Our design team uses Revit as our core design platform, combined with the advantages and flexibility of Rhino, Tekla, Navisworks, Fuzor and other programming softwares. This enables Thememax to integrate all design related requirements and resources into a single model from which shop drawings are developed to ensure buildability of a quality product.

Equipment and Facilities

ThemeMax has a land area of 10 acres (40,000 ㎡) with a total construction area of 18,000 ㎡ that consists of a GRC & GRP production floor, a warehouse, and an admin building.

We are well equipped with state of the art production machines and environmental control facilities such as 7-axis Kuka robotic arm, 3D printer, laser cutting machines (metal & plastics), 3-axis CNC machines, 3D scanner, 4-point high precision metal rolling machine, 4-axis hot wire CNC machine, universal testing machine, environment controlled spray booths, water treatment, dust collecting facility etc. Our high-resolution audio/video teleconferencing equipment facilitates a smooth and efficient communication with our clients throughout the production phase.


As an innovative company, we continue to invest in our R&D program with the aim of seeking continued improvement in our products, production and material selections.

ThemeMax has been granted the right to use various patents obtained by the parent company in various fields especially in the M&E disciplines.