Focused and Trustworthiness

Active Participation In Charity Fund-raising


Rudong County, in order to comprehensively promote the development of local charity for the people, innovative development, high-quality development, effectively do a good
job of targeted charity poverty alleviation as the focus of the charity work, charity fund-raising activities, called on industrial and commercial enterprises and people from all walks
of life to donate generously, love. Yangkou Port Economic Development Zone held a charity fundraising conference on 9th and 27th. Nantong ThemeMax Technology Co., LTD., a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Hexagon, responded positively by donating RMB 10,000 to help raise the charity fund and compose the music of love.


As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, the company has always been adhering to the traditional virtues of "helping the needy and helping the needy".  Enthusiastic
participation in social public welfare undertakings and charity, actively donate money to the society, assisting the disabled teaching assistant, poverty alleviation, through our help
can let some people out of the plight of life.  The company is willing to take on this social responsibility and will continue to do. 










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